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Enhance customer experience, cut costs and boost revenue through cognitive automation and orchestration...

Vitrifi delivers a New Broadband Operating System, Fully Automating Customer Lifecycle Management and Reducing Cost to Serve...

Why Do Operators Seek Innovation?

The drivers to pursue cloud-native disaggregation ultimately map to two broad objectives:

Accelerating Time-to-Revenue for Providers: Network Owners, Operators and Retailers

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Business Problems

  • Multiple systems – home-grown and procured

  • Multiple project trackers and spreadsheets

  • Fragmented data source – no single source of truth

  • Clunky responsibility hand-offs

  • Lack of time-visibility of build progress – to ‘Ready for Sale’ – ‘Ready for Connection’

  • Manual processes to manage field teams and ‘white collar’ teams

  • No visibility of ‘node health’ to understand health of the network

  • What is the cost-to-serve in order to calculate RoI against charging for the connection/package?

  • What is the Subscriber Acquisition Cost (SAC)?

The Business Value

  • E2E real-time project progress view

  • E2E real-time order provisioning and commissioning

  • Limit the time to locate and determine “needle in a haystack” problems

Single Point-of-Platform-Contact between Buyside and Sellside

To eradicate the typical breakdown in flows of data/rules/instructions, we need a single point-of-platform contact – a Wholesale Broadband Connectivity Platform – a single point of intelligence and enforcement across the entire commercial engagement…

Broadband Connectivity Platform
Broadband Connectivity Exchange
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The Entire Lifecycle of Orders will flow through The Vitrifi Platform as Logic Play

Order provisioning and commissioning will be streamlined.

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