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Empowering telcos in their digital evolution; your strategic partner for network transformation towards a data-driven digital-first future...

Transforming Telco with Autonomic Innovation

Vitrifi is an autonomic networking company with deep tech DNA across our global development teams. Established to disrupt the global telco BSS and OSS sectors with machine learning and AI-powered data insights, we were created to operate wholesale open access and multi-tenancy, enabling both buyside and sellside catalogues simultaneously.

We deliver a new broadband operating system, fully automating customer lifecycle management and drastically reducing the cost to serve. Our TSA-compliant platform seamlessly enables adaptive capacity and subscriber management, all while elevating customer experiences through a zero-human-touch approach. 

Reshaping the Economics of Connectivity

Our platform isn’t just about innovation, it’s about unlocking unprecedented potential across the entire value chain. From Investors and Operators to ISPs, Brands, and Subscribers, our technology facilitates frictionless monetisation, revolutionising how participants in this ecosystem operate and connect. This isn’t just about changing networks, it’s about reshaping the economics of connectivity.

A Catalyst for Responsive Services

The power of our platform extends beyond technology – it’s a catalyst for responsive services, creating leverage for dynamic market shifts. As markets evolve, so do opportunities. Our commitment to driving these shifts results in increased access to content and services, playing a pivotal role in fostering economic growth.

The Telco Ecosystem is Fundamentally Changing...

The business models traditionally pursued by telcos will change profoundly in the next few years as vertical disintegration continues. At every stage of the traditional telco value-added chain, there will be a multitude of new players competing against – and cooperating with each other.

Telecoms networks and operations are going through disaggregation now because this forms part of a broader societal transformation in which physical processes, functions and systems are being brought under the control of computing/IT, in pursuit of broader human, societal, economic and environmental goals.

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