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Telco is broken, we all know that. Layer upon layer of evolving technology over decades has created a monster. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If we could start over, knowing what we now know, we would create something better. We’d use software not hardware. And that is exactly what we’re doing at Vitrifi.

We have developed an adaptive, virtualised, orchestration platform that enables broadband providers to quickly and cost effectively scale up, and transform customer experiences.

We have built flexible, cloud agnostic, elastic back-office systems. With Vitrifi’s capability we remove the need for legacy systems to deliver customer value and service.

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The Product Stacks

opStack® enables new operating models for internet and content providers thanks to its lightweight network architecture. It delivers secure and fast hyperscale network entry (the bits that tell your ISP who you are and where you are and how to access the internet). opStack® enables oversight of your entire network from taking a customer order to switching them on and delivering high quality service.

vStack® delivers everything needed to build an ISP from scratch. We enable completely virtual ISP customer info and insights right from appointment management to billing and customer care. Content providers and brands can quickly and cost effectively add virtual ISP services to their current portfolio using vStack®.

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