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Connecting Futures,Transforming Lives

Empowering telcos in their digital evolution; your strategic partner for network transformation towards a data-driven digital-first future...

Our Purpose, Vision & Mission

We are driven by a common purpose, to empower lives in a hyperconnected world, liberating individuals and businesses from legacy constraints.

If you get the right information, to the right place, at the right time, in the right context, you make the world a better place…

Our vision is to enable digital society, to destroy the old order and lead the charge towards a hyperconnected world where our technology fosters boundless possibilities, improving efficiency in every aspect of our lives, enabling thriving communities on a global scale.

Our mission is to revolutionise customer experiences whilst reducing cost to serve, by redefining the network as code, and reinventing the network economics.

We will disrupt the telco landscape by dismantling closed networks and foster open infrastructure through our ground-breaking technology, elevating businesses and communities.

A Hyperconnected World is more than just Better Connectivity

With Vitrifi
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  • The value of a network grows exponentially as the number of people, machines, sensors, applications, devices etc. on it grow.

  • A hyperconnected ecosystem is a network of people, devices and systems that seamlessly interact and share information with each other to drive value across the ecosystem.

  • This ecosystem is characterised by high speed communication and collaboration between different components, such as smartphones, computers, sensors and cloud services.

  • Data and information are exchanged in real-time, enabling faster decision-making and more efficient resource allocation. This can lead to significant improvements in productivity, innovation, employee and customer experience.

Our Story - Driving the Shift to Open Access Broadband

What world would we be, if we imagine the endless opportunities for people and businesses that come with building a neural network connecting everyone and everything?

Born out of a passion for transforming lives through technology, our journey began with a simple yet profound belief that open networks can liberate individuals and businesses from the shackles of legacy constraints. Guided by this vision, we embarked on a mission to dismantle closed networks, ushering in a new era where innovation knows no bounds. As we pioneer the way towards a hyperconnected future, our commitment remains steadfast – to strive for digital equity and sustainability, to empower communities, elevate businesses, and make the world a better place through the transformative power of open infrastructure.

It's time for the era of closed networks to end…

The Shift to “Fast, Fair and Open Broadband”

One of the most effective tools for ensuring Internet openness is competition. Competition promotes efficient pricing, technical progressiveness, consumer protection and private investment.

Traditional telco practice is characterised by one organisation that funds, builds, owns, operates and provides services over the [fibre] network. This closed ‘anti-competition-anti-innovation’ model is being increasingly marginalised.

Fuelled by new market entrants and technologies - in response to new digital market dynamics and an investor preference for focused businesses - many integrated telcos have started to structurally separate the division that operates the network (NetCo) from the end-customer facing entity (ServCo).

The goal is to refocus the business on either the end-customer or infrastructure to increase business agility and efficiency, and in turn, multiply their respective value in the market.

Enabling the Neutral Host Operator (NHO) Model

  • In the 3-layer Neutral Host Operator (NHO) model, one entity builds and owns the network, an independent party operates the network, and retailers provide the services required by the end-users.

  • The NHO, which manages and operates the network, provides a middle layer between the fibre owners and the Retailers (e.g. ISPs) running end-user services, in effect, acting as a broker of the infrastructure.

  • Making neutral host a reality requires a transformation in conceptualization, planning and implementation. Even if the ‘technology is ready’ it is more about how the ecosystem will function at scale and industry needs to understand the business models first.

  • Normally the NHO will charge for providing access services based on a set of complex rules related to network resources used. Innovative billing systems will be required to achieve rapid time-to-market with high levels of automation and performance.

  • Governance: the formation of the NHO company/entity is paramount to success: who will actually deploy, pay for, own and operate the assets. A clear structure and roles definition, and alignment of business objectives between different stakeholders is needed before starting to ensure smooth deployment, operation and end-customer experience.

  • It can be complex bringing together the different players to create the ecosystem of consultants, network operators, equipment vendors, regulators, cloud providers and end-users.

With Vitrifi

Vitrifi has very strong roots in its thinking about what technology can do to banish legacy constraints and bring an end to the era of closed networks. Where network infrastructure is open, service levels increase, applications expand, and costs fall. It makes for a much healthier ecosystem in which companies can freely innovate and compete. When people have access to state-of-the-art technology and services, they thrive individually and as a community.

Our philosophy is centred around the use of our technology and innovation to foster an ecosystem that empowers participants to sell, empowers others to service, enabling businesses to co-evolve cooperatively, attracting similar yet different resources to satisfy customers.

Ecosystems are about dynamic interactions, between people, software, data, systems and services. The future of ecosystems will need platforms to be dynamic, open and integrated – and functional in real time.

This has been our focus at Vitrifi.

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Creating a Full, Rich Ecosystem

A business ecosystem like its biological counterpart, gradually moves from a random collection of elements to a more structured community.

From an ecological perspective, it matters not which particular ecosystems stay alive, it’s only essential that competition among them is fierce and fair…

The Vitrifi ecosystem, centred around its virtualised technology fabric – a Wholesale Broadband Connectivity Platform – crosses multiple industries, encompassing an extended web of network builders and operators, service providers, hardware vendors and network equipment providers, to cloud-based application providers and hyperscalers.

Vitrifi champions Open Source partnerships and focuses on stimulating hyper-collaboration with our customers to help speed-up integration and their digital transformations, whilst encouraging cloud-based providers, equipment manufacturers, vendors and systems integrators, to interface with our platform.

The Telco Landscape has completely opened-up between Buyside and Sellside Participants

With Vitrifi
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In Years to Come, Ecosystem Design will have changed Competitive Paradigms…

Shifting from work activities taking place in silos to co-evolution, from the management of tiered partnerships to fluid value streams, from having one business model to pursuing multidimensional ones.

The anatomy of an ecosystem in 2030 will have characteristics such as:

  • Hyper customer centricity

  • Seamless macro-orchestration capabilities

  • Things and agents as customers

  • Cognitive operating models

  • Automated stakeholder management capabilities

Successful ecosystems will continue to grow in number, size and complexity – as dynamic macro- and micro-structures, the ability to adapt will be crucial to survival and long term success. Stakeholders, inter-relationships and data will not stop evolving. Mechanisms need to evolve simultaneously to keep pace with these developments.

Why was Vitrifi created?

Vitrifi is an autonomic networking company with deep tech DNA across its global development teams. Founded in 2021 - established to disrupt the global telco BSS and OSS sectors with machine learning and AI-powered data insights, we were created to operate wholesale open access and multi-tenancy, enabling both buyside and sellside catalogues simultaneously.

We deliver a new broadband operating system, fully automating customer lifecycle management and drastically reducing the cost to serve. Our TSA-compliant platform seamlessly enables adaptive capacity and subscriber management, all while elevating customer experiences through a zero-human-touch approach.

Our platform isn’t just about innovation:  it’s about unlocking unprecedented potential across the entire value chain. From Investors and Operators, to ISPs, Brands, and Subscribers, our technology facilitates frictionless monetisation, revolutionising how participants in this ecosystem operate and connect. This isn’t just about changing networks; it’s about reshaping the economics of connectivity.

The power of our platform extends beyond technology – it’s a catalyst for responsive services, creating leverage for dynamic market shifts.  As markets evolve, so do opportunities. Our commitment to driving these shifts results in increased access to content and services, playing a pivotal role in fostering economic growth.